An International event not to be missed. Grab your ticket now!

An international event not to be missed!

From Concrete to Cracks Control Conference

Date : 22nd – 23rd August 2019
Venue : Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya

WE Speak from Experience

why you should not missed it

Our 2 days’ concrete conference has been specifically formulated by inviting foreign and local speakers to share and transfer their knowledge and vast experience accumulated.

The objective of this conference is sharing the success on making high quality commercial and industrial floors depends on strong technical knowledge, know-how and practical experience.

Besides dependent on good designs and workmanship, the talks will explain how factors such as quality and properties of concrete, cracking mitigation and control are essential to achieve a functional floor that is strong, durable and maintenance free.

Topics To be Covered

What you will learn

Fibres For Concrete

1. Usage and functions of synthetic fibres [Polypropylene [PP] Fibre] 

2. Usage and function of steel fibres 

3. Applications of steel fibres for slab on piles

Concrete Floor Cracks

1. The 7 common floor cracks and causes

2. Ways to mitigate floor cracks

3. Jointing systems – isolation joints, Expansion joints, Movement joints

4. Contraction joints and more!


1. Designing a mix that save cost

2. Classifications of concrete

3. Optimising concrete mix design for shrinkage control


1. Development, mix design and application of UHPC

2. Engineering properties of UHPC

3. Case studies on HPC & UHPC ultra thin toppings and overlays

4. Toppings & repairs, structures, bridges, and etc.

local & international



Peter Buitelaar

(Consultant for projects related to UHPC and structures - [Netherland])

Peter Buitelaar owns a consulting company and has great knowledge and experience  of the composition, application, production, finishing and post-treatment of High Performance Concrete HPC and Ultra Hi h Performance Concrete UHPC . He was the first applicator of UHPC to strengthen piles and offshore platforms and to upgrade and strengthen industrial floors and pavement with Ultra-Thin Hybrid Reinforced High Performance Concrete Overlay. His work was mentioned in more than 300 journals, articles, and proceedings. 

Mr Lim small image


Managing Director of Zacklim Group - [Malaysia]

Dr. Zack who is well known as the “Guru of Concrete Floor Cracks” in the Asia flooring circle is a seasoned super flat floor specialist whom passion Is to constitute best practices in the construction industry by coalescing both theoretical and hands-on knowledge into work cultures. Zack has amassed over 35 year experiences as an innovative building contractor who constantly strives for excellence in delivering works of the highest quality to all his clients. Zack works closely with diverse concrete specialists and professors from renowned universities in Malaysia, Karachi, India, Egypt and USA. 



General Manager of Mascoris Co., Ltd. • [Taiwan]

Mr. Billy was advanced from a Superflat contractor to a Floor Consultant and was certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) as the ·concrete Flatwork Technician”. He Is well known for his expertise In controlling shrinkage cracks through the concrete mix and is now working an experiment to reduce shrinkage and other form of floor cracks.



Director of Scancem Materials - (Singapore]

Mr. Joseph was involved in the construction of MRT tunnels in Singapore in 1986 and has gained vast experience in concrete construction chemical, ready-mixed concrete, concrete admixtures and in promoting High Performance Concrete. He believes in harnessing technology for productivity with smart building processes and methods in which man hours and cost of materials can be saved for achieving greater success in project completion



Regional Manager of Forta Corporation - [USA]

He provides professional talks on how replacing prefabricated steel mesh with synthetic fibres can reduce concrete shrinkage cracks on hardened concrete, improve impact strength and increase fatigue resistance and concrete toughness. He promotes heavy duty fibres which offer maximum long term durability with structural enhancements. 



Director of YSH Advanced Engineering and Structures • [Malaysia]

He works as a concrete consultant specialize in concrete mix design and assist clients to evaluate and improve on their existing mix design with cost savings.’ Currently Mr. Yeo is doing research and development on high early strength (­concrete and other specialty in concrete.

Benefits and knowledge you'll get

1. Better understanding of concrete mix design and the benefits of doing it right.

2. Equip yourself with better understanding on the uses of different type of fibres, its benefits and gaining popularity in certain structural enhancement.

3. How to reduce or minimise cracks which incurred huge repair cost and inconveniences.

4. Learn how to control shrinkage cracks through mix design.

5. Acquire more knowledge on the application and the benefits of using HPC & UHPC.

6. Innovative ways to use UHPC as thin toppings to rehabilitate and strengthen existing concrete floors.

7. Learn ways to do things right the first time to avoid unnecessary costly repairs.


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