About Us

Academy of Concrete Technology

Our Story

AoCT is one-of-a-kind training provider in Asia who dedicate in providing quality and practical training to the participants to improve their knowledge and sharpen their skills in the construction industry.

Founder, Dr. Lim Eng Hock or known as Dr. Zack Lim, is widely recognized in the flooring industry circle in Malaysia and throughout other countries in the world. He is the Managing Director of Zacklim Flat Floor Specialist Sdn Bhd with almost 40 years of experience in the construction industry, he aims to lift the construction standard by sharing his passion with almost 40 years of practical knowledge and experience to as many people as possible. Recalling his early memories when he was just a regular contractor, he landed a contract that opened his eyes to the importance of having a piece of knowledge that has helped him to construct a good floor. Hence, he decided to have this training academy in order to teach and mentor other people to learn and do it the right way at the first time to minimize unnecessary and costly repairs in the future.

This academy is also opened for experienced professionals to share knowledge with topics related to the construction industry in terms of waterproofing, coatings, building materials, chemicals, admixtures, etc.

Expand and grow with us

AoCT aspires to be the leading practical academy in Asia to produce well trained, recognized & certified individuals to raise the standards of concrete knowledge with best-practices.​

Our Vision

AoCT aspires to be the leading practical Academy in Asia to produce well trained, recognized & certified individuals to raise the standards of concrete knowledge with best-practices.

The main purpose and objective is to enhance the standard of the industry, to bridge the gap between academia and the industry, increase competency workforce and employability and to increase opportunities for professional growth.

Our Mission

  • To engage professionals, industry leaders and experienced contractors to conduct practical workshops, courses with case studies, demos with hands-on training for school leavers, fresh graduates and individuals.
  • To organize practical seminars to educate those related in the concrete industry.
  • To provide technical certification related to concrete.
  • To provide accreditation, both academically and professionally through internationally recognized institutions.
  • To provide a grading system through written or oral tests and practical skill evaluations.
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